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The Universal Party Of America

A fresh evolutionary vision for a thriving and balanced 21st-century humanity 


In 237 years, the American experiment has achieved much to be astonished by and deeply grateful for.

Breakthroughs in women’s rights, children’s rights, minority rights, and economic and social justice have been established first through education and awareness over a period of time, and hammered into place through political and legal structures and laws that ensure sustainability and lasting change.


Each generation has its missives and missions and our generation may have different challenges than all of our predecessors, but we share the common goal of making life new and better for more people with more depth than ever before. 

In 1948, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was written and presented to a world recovering from the atrocities of World War II.

This declaration was a huge milestone that marked the dawn of a new epoch for humanity to aspire to, setting the bar for what constituted universal civilization that to which all nations could be held accountable.

Today, these universal human rights are the driving force behind every conflict and war as billions demand justice and freedom from tyranny of every stripe in every corner of the world. And this universal quest for freedom and justice will not be satisfied until every single man, woman, and child lives a free and unencumbered life.


We hereby reclaim the powerful underpinnings of The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights that serve as the foundation for individual liberty and justice and affirm our commitment to embody its highest principles not yet realized.


And so, we once again pick up the plowshares and dedicate ourselves to these ideals as we embark with a new determination, informed creativity and earned wisdom to imagine a world that transcends worn structures through enlightened institutions and programs that enable the next evolutionary step for humanity to enjoy.


The Universal Party of America is hereby founded and we invite you to explore the vision of a New United States of America that realizes its highest and fullest destiny.


The UPA Mission

The Universal Party of America is a comprehensive political vehicle designed to manifest social and economic programs and institutions built upon the most universal evolutionary distillations from the last 237 years of the American experiment.


With the U.S. Constitution as principle guide, The Universal Party of America endeavors to amend and re-imagine economic and social structures and institutions unable to serve a healthy, functional, and sustainable world and make them new again.

Drawing from The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The Universal Party of America embraces only those social and economic forms that honor each individual as divine in origin and, as such, worthy of only the greatest respect and honor as a member of the human family.

Recognizing the accumulated wisdom from the past, as well as enlightened contemporary discoveries, The Universal Party of America exists to foster the development and peaceful transition to a new interdependent and honorable model of civilization for humankind to embrace.

Based on universal values underlying every culture on Earth, and recognizing that human justice, welfare and sustainability have not yet been fully realized, The Universal Party of America is an organically evolving collective of people of all ages and backgrounds who share the view that the time has come for the establishment of a new socio-political reality to effect the highest of human hopes for social and economic designs and structures that support a thriving world of balance.




The Universal Party of America’s has 6 core values and principles that serve as guidelines for policy and standards that it’s political candidates, representatives, and citizen members embrace and seek to implement through public discourse, lawmaking, and socio-political actions: 



Universal Representative Government

  • Publicly-financed campaigns.

  • Elimination of the special interest lobbyist system. 

  • Elimination of corporate personhood legal status. 

  • Environmental accountability for commercial and corporate enterprises as it impacts natural systems and resources. 

  • Renewed focus and defense of individual rights with respect for lawful conduct in the public interest.

Universal Health Care

  • Expanding support for both traditional and alternative medical approaches in a synthesis of healthcare options for individual choice for all citizens.

  • Establishment of a not-for-profit health care system for all citizens as a public service for the public good.


Universal Housing and Nutrition

Recognizing that the vast majority of citizens are wholly dependent upon resources and institutions for life support in concentrated metropolitan and suburban areas in a post-industrial commercial environment which has fostered intolerable levels of human suffering, economic inequity and social division, which social and economic institutions have not kept abreast to meet, The Universal Party of America endorses and seeks to implement:

  • Guaranteed human family support structures and institutions that guarantee basic housing and nutrition for every citizen as a guarantee of basic human rights regardless of life stance or transition status.

This guarantee for basic housing and nutrition serves not as a replacement for self-support and personal responsibility for independence, but as a safety net for those who are reasonably unable to provide for themselves from exigencies beyond their control, or for education and training for life and work enhancement.



Universal Education

  • Guarantee of life-long educational access for all citizens through a publically-administered allocation system with counselor support and planning services for major life transitions and goal achievement.

  • Individual obligation for education received in the universal education access system will be in the form of individually administered exchange agreements that determine fair value exchange for educational program benefits received.  This exchange can be in the form of cash payments derived from income earned in private enterprise or a trade for public service or a combination of both.


Universal Elder Care 

  • Guarantee for all senior American citizens of quality housing, nutrition, and health services for the final phases of life based on needs and personal resources.


The Universal Party of America supports and encourages self-development and growth for every member of the human family regardless of age, race, gender or sexual orientation, and to design and implement laws that inspire and direct human organizations and individual actions towards creating a sustainable future, economically and socially for humankind to enjoy.


The Universal Party of America acts to ensure that special interest groups, whether they are financial, belief-based or political, have no advantage over the individual who is enabled to live independently without interference in their private affairs to pursue self-enhancement and educational excellence.




Universal Wealth Sustainability

  • Embracing the U.S. Treasury Department as managing agent for the money supply in the United States. 

  • Transitioning the Federal Reserve Bank into the publicly-owned U.S. Treasury Bank system whose sole purpose is to provide a reliable currency exchange system free from private interest manipulation.

  • Establishment of a truly free market enterprise system fostering integrity, creativity, and ingenuity for sustainable generational support.



Intrinsic Value Economics


The lifeblood of a civilization is its money supply, especially in modern times where all human exchange is enabled by a well-functioning exchange network run by intrinsic value-based monetization of exchanges mainly through computers and electronic mediums. This makes it especially critical that this electronic system now operates freed from the archaic systems of interest rates, debt, and the enslavement systems of the past.


A new monetary system where money is not treated as a commodity but only as an exchange system well-monitored by a government representing only the greater good and every citizens' interest will be fundamental to bringing our civilization into a sustainable balance with human affairs and the natural world. This requires the wisdom to design and implement structures that take into consideration the delicate ecosystem upon which all life relies for sustenance.


Pricing the services that the monetary agents (now called "bankers") deliver by fee is the correct and fundamentally equitable way for these services to be rewarded by the populace, just as the baker, doctor, and designer charge by fee. The interest rate mechanism at its core was designed to enslave individuals and to live off of others' labor in an unfair and malicious manner. 


This will be replaced with an evolved system of monetary exchange that focuses exclusively at establishing and maintaining a monetary system enabling new human invention, innovation, and free market exchanges without individualistic, parasitic investor encumbrance. The new investor in this new economic paradigm is the collective interest of humanity and its evolved interests focusing on respectful collaboration at every level of society.


The new business models will embrace all contributors to every human endeavor and eliminate greed as motivation for social recognition and approval replacing it with excellence in services that support and embrace the greater good for all life. 


This system will transcend and supplant classical economics, capitalism, socialism, marxism, and social democracy with Intrinsic Value Economics that places the well being and the growth of the individual within the context of a collaborative economic and social milieu. 


Its focus is focused on furthering personal and cooperative economic and social growth as its primary goal and fostering economic and social paradigm creation to support healthful environments and support structures for manifesting these ends.

Jeffrey Mason Milburn © 2000 

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